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Dealer / Distributor Training

Ever had a dealer or distributor recommend your competition's product instead of yours because they were unaware of your product's features?

Your dealers, distributors, and outside sales personnel are your ambassadors to your company's customers. Are they representing you accurately? Do they require initial or refresher training on your company's products and services in order to be more effective in presenting your message to customers? AB Tech Solution can help.

Of course, you can handle training all the dealers yourself. But in these days of reduced staff, tight or non-existent travel budgets, and near-impossible deadlines, do you have the time to make sure they are all on top of your product offering? Does your training department have the personnel they need to keep your outside people current?

AB Tech Solution can provide product training to your outside sales force, dealers, and distributors at their site on a one-time or on an annual, biannual, or quarterly subscription basis. We will work with you to get our trainers trained on your product. We will help you develop the training, or we will take training you've developed, and then send our trainers to your people in the field.

Need product, device, or systems training for your sales, manufacturing, or engineering personnel, but don't have anyone in-house available to do it?

Let AB Tech Solution Provide Training to Suit Your Needs!

Fieldbus Training. Device Training. Product Setup Training. Whatever the specific need,  AB Tech Solution can provide standard or custom training for your manufacturing, engineering and sales staff. We will provide either onsite or offsite training for your people!

Manufacturing - Required Training

Train your people on how to build and test your new products.

OEM Product Training for your dealers, distributors, and outside sales personnel

Give yourself an advantage over the competition by insuring your outside sales representatives have the knowhow to convince customers to specify your products over the competition.

Product Training for your System Integrators

System Integrators have many manufacturers to choose from when servicing their clients. Let AB Tech Solution give them the knowledge and confidence they need to select your product for their clients' systems.

Our Chief Trainer : Bruce M. Decker, P. E.

Mr. Decker has over 31 years of electronic and software design engineering experience, as well as over 10 years of experience teaching continuing education courses to engineers as part of Northeastern University's State-of-the-Art Engineering program, and a variety of subjects to engineering students. Mr. Decker has taught courses on:

  • Telephone switching
  • Modbus and CANopen fieldbuses
  • Courses on the  C, C++, and Java programming languages
  • Courses on Object-Oriented Programming, Analysis, and Design
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Electronic Devices
  • Introduction to Electronic Design

Mr. Decker is currently an adjunct instructor at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, teaching Introduction to Microprocessors.