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Embedded Development

Embedded systems have special requirements. Often they are deployed in remote and hard-to-reach locations so reliability and robustness are tantamount to successful design. Engineers at AB Tech Solution are experts in the design of embedded systems. Our hardware and firmware engineers will work with your team or we will be your team to develop successful embedded systems for your customer. And we will do this all being on time and within your budget. We will help you select components, design the hardware, implement the necessary software or firmware, and will even design the printed circuit board or you.

The engineers at AB Tech Solution have experience in 8- to 32-bit microprocessors from all manufacturers. We have expertise in all major programming languages, especially languages like C and C++, and we can even design, if necessary, a PC-based program to complement or control your embedded design.

AB Tech Solution has experience with FPGAs and other system-on-a-chip (SoC) technologies. We are experts with Texas Instruments, Microchip, Motorola, and ARM-based processors. We specialize in input/ output intensive systems. And we have developed several systems for remote communications with a variety of communications protocols. AB Tech Solution can do the entire job for you, or we can work with your team to provide extra help that they need in a pinch. Your bottom line will be positively impacted.

Let's look now at each individual area of our embedded system service.


AB Tech Solution will help you select the proper hardware platform and other components for your system. In many cases, a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) may be a sensible solution for specific tasks. We have provided solutions to customers using FPGAs from

  • Xilinx
  • Altera
  • Actel
  • Lattice

and others. AB Tech Solution will produce full schematics of the design and subject the design to detailed design reviews. AB Tech Solution will then develop and test the FPGA firmware using common hardware languages such as Verilog and VHDL, as required by your specifications.

Embedded computer systems must be engineered for robustness, accuracy,
low power, and deterministic operation. Your

  • Medical devices
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Industrial heavy equipment
  • Motor controls
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Network gateways, switches, & routers
  • Intelligent electrical switchgear
  • Internet appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive electronics
  • Wireless communication devices
  • Smart industrial sensors / actuators

must be engineered with reliable hardware and robust software that works better than you expect it to work. AB Tech Solution will design and implement your embedded device to exceed expectations. We have designed systems with commercial, off-the-shelf real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as:

  • VxWorks
  • RTXC
  • Quadros
  • Windows Embedded and WinCE
  • Embedded Linux
  • FreeRTOS
and many others on a variety of microprocessor and microcontroller platforms, such as:
  • Microchip PIC
  • TI MSP 430
  • PowerPC
  • ARM 7 & 9

AB Tech Solution will work with you to identify, clarify and document your embedded device's behavioral and functional requirements. We will then develop a hardware and software architecture which will fully satisfy those requirements.