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LonWorks was developed by the Echelon Corporation and is maintained by a variety of standards bodies, including ANSI. It offers an integrated solution to a variety of control system applications. Once a closed, proprietary system, Echelon Corporation "opened" the protocol in the 1990s to allow for greater adoption of the technology.

In addition to a simple communications protocol, LonWorks provides a signaling protocol, a network operating system, a web interface, and several utilities for installation and management. LonWorks can be used with wireless communications protocols such as Zigbee.

The LonWorks physical layer is specified for twisted-pair cabling, fiber optics, power transmission lines, and wireless protocols. The speed of LonWorks transmissions vary depending upon the physical media chosen. The twisted-pair bit rate is 78 Kbit/second using Manchester encoding, while the effective power line speed is 5.4 or 3.6 Kbit/second depending upon the power line frequency.

There is no centralized certification or interoperability testing required, but conformance and interoperability test suites are available to make sure your LonWorks product will operate correctly.

What Can AB Tech Solution Do for Your LonWorks Product Development?
  • Develop a fully-compliant product for you
  • Add LonWorks capability to your existing product
  • Enhance the features and functionality of your product
  • Perform conformance / interoperability testing