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PROFIBUS-PA is an intrinsically-safe version of PROFIBUS-DP used in the process automation industry. Like PROFINET and PROFIBUS-DP, PROFIBUS-PA is managed by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI), based in Germany.

Because it is intended for process automation environments, PROFIBUS-PA is not as widely used as PROFIBUS-DP. PROFIBUS-PA also utilizes device profiles, like PROFIBUS-DP, but the profiles are more likely to be process device configuration profiles.

PROFIBUS-PA primarily uses the Manchester Bus Powered (MBP) physical layer, which is intrinsically safe in explosive environments. The MBP physical layer allows The data link layer, FDL, is identical to the PROFIBUS-DP link layer, using a hybrid master-slave and token passing scheme.

PI maintains a mandatory certification system for all PROFIBUS-PA devices to insure conformance and interoperability. All PROFIBUS-PA devices must supply a device description file, called a General Station Description (GSD) file. This file describes the device in a defined format, which allows it to be read by both the human, and the PROFIBUS-PA controller.

What Can AB Tech Solution Do for Your PROFIBUS-PA Product Development?
  • Obtain manufacturer and product identifiers from PI™
  • Develop a fully-compliant product for you
  • Add PROFIBUS-PA capability to your existing product
  • Enhance the features and functionality of your product
  • Develop the required GSD (device description) files
  • Perform interoperability testing
  • Obtain PI compliance certification for your products