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Software technology

AB Tech Solution is your source for robust, high-quality software development. We have designed and developed code using multiple technologies:

  • .Net development
  • Win32 API
  • COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • SQL, MySql
  • Oracle
  • CRM Development
  • ASP development
  • PHP Development
  • Joomla
AB Tech Solution will help you take maximum advantage of all these software technologies by
  • Working with your team to discover, clarify, and document your behavioral use cases and functional requirements
  • Designing an application architecture to satisfy your requirements
  • Preparing an architectural specification using Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams for clarity
  • Design the Validation test plan for the application, showing full traceability of the validation tests back to the behavioral and functional specifications
  • Specifying and designing the detailed functions and object classes required to satisfy the behavioral and functional architecture requirements
  • Showing full traceability of the detailed design specifications to the behavioral and functional specifications
  • Designing verification tests which trace back to detailed design specifications
  • Developing the software for your application which complies with your coding standards
  • Unit testing each function and class to insure it operates as intended
  • Maintaining strict software version control using your system or our internal version control tools
  • Integrating the classes and functions in the software to build up the application
  • Working with your SQA engineers to perform the verification testing on the application, making sure all detailed design specifications are satisfied.
  • Working with your validation team to insure your application satisfies all the behavioral and functional requirements
  • Producing operation manuals and user guides which comply with your documentation requirements
  • Training your sales and customer support organizations on the application, so they can bring the application to market quickly, and support the customers once the application is deployed
  • Working with you after the application is released to correct issues and add new features requested by your customers