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Profibus DP/PA Slave Software Library

Profibus DP/PA Slave Software Library

Implement on of the most widely used fieldbus protocols on your product. The AB Tech Solution Profibus DP/PA Slave Software Library allows you to quickly communicate with any standard Profibus DP or PA controller. AB Tech Solution's software is designed to integrate with the standard Profibus ASICs, SPC-3 for Profibus DP, and SPC4-2 for Profibus PA.

The Library conforms to version DP-V2 and is compatible with Manchester Bus Power (MBP) implementations of Profibus PA for explosive environments.

The library includes all source code, and header files, as well as an implementer's guide to the library to help you implement the code on your specific hardware.

Coming Soon...

For developers who want to add fieldbus protocol capability to their products themselves, AB Tech Solution offers several fieldbus software libraries to save you money,time & effort.

All of the libraries are written in ANSI C, and can be ported to any microcontroller of microprocessor platform.

When you license a fieldbus protocol stack from ABTS, you receive complete source code and documentation files. You will also receive, free, any published updates to your protocol stack for six months after the date of purchase, as well as up to eight hours of free technical service. You may also an extended warranty for your protocol stack for one, two, or three years, to take effect after the six months. You will receive all updates for your product for no additional charge from ABTS during your extended warranty period.