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Many embedded systems, especially communication systems and laboratory instruments, require some level of digital signal processing. AB Tech Solution will analyze your signal processing requirements, and help you develop your algorithms for

  • FIR filters
  • IIR filters
  • Windowing systems
  • Discrete Fourier Transforms / Discreet Cosine Transforms
  • Wavelets
  • Spectral analyses

and other advanced signal algorithms.

AB Tech Solution will design and execute full verification and validation tests for the embedded system so that you can have confidence that your system works, not just as specified, but as expected.

Finally, AB Tech Solution will help train your marketing team and sales channel on how to market and sell your embedded product. We will also train your customer service team on your embedded system so they can provide outstanding customer service on the first day your system is deployed.

We are so confident in our software, we will warrant our embedded software for the life of your product. AB Tech Solution will stay with you to help you support customer issue resolution and enhance and upgrade your embedded system over its lifetime.