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E-commerce web / Web development

  • Website design visualization
  • Content writing and management (search engine friendly)
  • E-Commerce, online shopping implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization

Web portals and eCommerce applications allow you to market your products worldwide practically overnight. AB Tech Solution will work with you to crystalize and document the customer experience and business objectives of your

  • Commercial catalog / ordering
  • Company information
  • Travel
  • Custom portal
  • Non-profit organization
  • Municipal information
  • Gaming
  • Customer service

web site. Once your business requirements are documented, we will design the architecture of your web site to satisfy those customer experience and business requirements, including proper and helpful error messages, web statistics and metrics. By proper design and testing, we can help you make sure 404 errors are a thing of the past for your site visitors. If you are migrating content from another site or another data base, AB Tech Solution will work with you to insure a clean and seamless transfer of data between systems by proper forward and regression testing of transferred records.