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Windows / Linux based applications

AB Tech Solution can help you develop your PC-based

  • User interfaces for your electronic products
  • Back-end business database applications
  • Spreadsheet and database designs
  • Process monitoring software
  • Consumer applications
  • Games

AB Tech Solution will work with you to develop and document the customer experience requirements of your application, then provide you a well-documented application architecture that satisfies those requirements. We will submit a suite of validation tests for your application to you for your approval. The architecture then drives the detailed design, in which our engineers will apply their in-depth knowledge of software languages, libraries and frameworks such as

  • QT
  • C# / .NET
  • ActiveX
  • OLE / ODBC
  • STL
  • MFC

AB Tech Solution will design complete tests your application using our team of Verification and Validation engineers, so that you can be assured your product will work exactly according to your specifications and expectations. We will not give up on your application development until you are satisfied it meets all your customers’ needs.

AB Tech will make sure your application satisfies and exceeds your users' expectations. AB Tech Solution will design, develop, verify, validate, and document your application so that it complies to your standards.